What does ‘belong‘ mean?  Well, during RE lessons, in Year Two, we have been finding out just that!  We discovered we all belong to Mill Hill Primary School – we’re just one big, happy family!  Year two pupils also drew pictures to illustrate the many different clubs they belong to, such as: Rainbows, Scouts, Sunderland Football Club, swimming clubs, dance clubs, The Youth Box Project and sooooooooooooo many more!  Year Two pupils were keen to tell each other how it made them feel and why it is important to belong to a family at home, school and the community.

We linked this concept of a sense of belonging with Christianity and the Easter story and visited our local church – St Matthew’s.  It was a very special occasion as baby Cole (a baby doll) was being christened.  We all dressed up in our very best clothes to celebrate this very important ceremony.  We pretended to be either parents, godparents or friends and family of baby Cole.  Reverend David Tolhurst helped Mill Hill pupils understand the importance of this ceremony to Christians and, throughout our visit, identified symbols and practices associated with baptism.