Year 3 Erupting Volcanoes!

Y3TK experimented with paints, to colour papier mache volcanoes browns and greys to match rock colours.  We then poured in vinegar and food colouring, dropped some bicarbonate of soda, and watched them erupt!

Yipee…Yoga Monday!

This half term, year 3 have been given the opportunity to take part in weekly yoga sessions. For this first session, the tutor taught the children basic breathing techniques and positions. It was very relaxing and they are looking forward to the next session. In the meantime, have fun trying out the cobra, the tree and the butterfly positions.

Year 3 Class Council Elections – What a day!

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We have held our School Council elections this week, at Mill Hill Primary School. In Year 3, we chose our representatives, after listening to their election presentations. This helped us make the right choice.

Volcano Fun!

As part of our science topic, we have been studying  how volcanoes are created and what happens when they erupt. We got the chance to build our own volcano and our pictures show them erupting in the school yard!!

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