Leavers Assembly

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to rehearse our Year 6 Leavers Production. This is an annual event at Mill Hill. We will be performing to the whole school and then on Friday, we will perform in front of our families. The play will contain songs, jokes, acting and dance, as well as information about and pictures of events that have happened in the 7 years we have been at Mill Hill Primary School.

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Article written by  Amie L, Estee S and Matthew C (Year 6)

A fantastic weekend for Year 6!

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Our Year 6 pupils had a great time, when they travelled  to Robinwood Outdoor Center. They faced a range of ‘adventure’ activities, as well as taking part in a number of ‘crystal maze’ style problem solving challenges.


Year 6 Visit Beamish

This term, we visited Beamish Museum, so we could find out what it was like to be an evacuee. We did lots of work in class to get information on why children were evacuated and what it was like for them.

Our teachers thought it would be good if we could live like an evacuee for just a day. We dressed up as evacuees and then travelled to Beamish Museum.

One of the first activities was the school play ground. Pupils got to play with the kind of toys evacuees had. One of the favourites was the iron ring, you have to run next to it and keep it rolling with an iron rod. There was also skipping ropes and skittles.

We had a great day at Beamish Museum and everyone was happy on the bus back to school.

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