In Year Two, this term, we have been learning about the life cycle of a frog and butterfly.  We’ve also read for pleasure lots of other non-fiction books about life cycles of different living things.  We recently read a lovely fictional story called ‘Tadpole’s Promise’ by Jeanne Willis.  You can watch a story teller on YouTube.

In our year two classrooms we set up a live butterfly garden!  Wow!!   We had to read the instructions to understand fully how to care for the caterpillars properly.  Having already learned how to read scales, in maths, we checked the temperature – daily because 21 degrees is the best temperature for the caterpillars to grow healthy.  Did you know that?  We do.  This was and is an unforgettable opportunity for us to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

We were actually raising and feeding our very own butterflies and then releasing them into the wild!  Amazing! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three to five weeks.

Unfortunately, due to the present situation and school opening only for pupils who parents are key workers, year two pupils can’t see these changes in the classroom but don’t worry, we’ll post photos of this amazing transformation, so keep watching!   You may wish to write a diary of the daily changes and illustrate them.  Can you spot what’s the same and what’s different?  Look carefully!   Please enjoy researching to find out more before the next posting.